About Cosmosophia

Cosmosophia.org is a web-site dedicated to the cultivation of a new worldview in the West. The industrial West is undoubtedly in crisis. Our problems are manifold: ever-increasing injustice and inequity; the destruction of the biosphere; a profound loss of meaning. All of these problems have their roots in our worldview and its underlying cosmology -the basic assumptions we have made about the ultimate reality. To change a worldview is a complex process. It is not something that can be forced or decreed. A culture creates a worldview collectively. Ultimately, it is our poets and storytellers, our artists and musicians who provide the tapestry that comes together to give birth to our shared mythology. This is an uncertain and never-finished process, as it is has always been. Since the days when we told stories by the fire, under the stars, we are grappling to give meaning to our world. Our ancestors, when they painted handprints in the cave, having seen handprints on the womb of their unborn children understood that they were at the edge of their world, giving birth to tomorrow through their imaginative capacities.

This web-site is a forum for that birthing process today. Like our ancestors millennia ago, we stand at the edge of our world, handprints on the womb, trying to giving meaning to our existence. This is no mere intellectual exercise. The very survival of life on the planet may depend on our capacity to create a worldview that enhances life, supports sustainable lifestyles, and promotes compassionate behavior. Because no individual creates a worldview alone, this site is an opportunity to participate in that process, to contribute creative work that will contribute to a new understanding of the world and or place in it.